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All donations towards this movement are appreciated.  No amount is too small.  We're thankful for your contributions.  

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Online Contributions will be accepted starting March 25, 2017. 

Your sponsorship help contribute to the following:

Beauty Boxx WorkshopS, FINANCIAL, and Social Skills Classes                                                 

  • Venue

  • Facilitation

  • Materials for each participant 

Community AwarenesS SOCIALS & FORUMS

  • Venue

  • Food 

  • Special Guests & Entertainment 

Beauty Boxx Gifts

  • Artistic Empowerment Journal 

  • A Vintage Style Mirror

  • Beauty Boxx T-Shirt

  • Positive Affirmations  

  • Box for shipping/delivering 

  • Human Trafficking Info Pamphlet 

Beauty Scholar Awards

  • Recognition gifts/trophies for Survivors and Leaders 

  • Scholarships for Human Trafficking organizations 

  • Venue

  • Food 

  • Special Guests & Entertainment